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Do you want a cool dog? Let me tell you this, if you’re not too careful this winter, you may not end up with a cool dog, but a cold dog. ”Taking care of your responsibilities” is a phrase every human should live by. People too often love to create excuses or ‘pass the buck’ rather than taking care of their responsibilities. Lets hone in on the subject of pet ownership now and apply the same mantra – people love to create excuses why they can’t look after their pets. “It’s cold outside, I don’t want to take the dog for a walk” OR “It’s wet” OR “It’s late”. It’s COLD OUTSIDE? Hang on, isn’t your dog out there? Spare a thought for him…I think if you are cold, then so is he! This brings me to the focus of my post, giving your dog basic shelter and keeping it safe from the elements by providing it with an insulated dog house. You want the cool dog, the comfortable one which is a happy dog, not the COLD dog.

Now the general consensus is dogs can handle the cold a little better than us humans. That doesn’t mean that they don’t get cold though. And what does it mean if they do get cold, can they get sick like humans? Well from my Google research I can tell you that while being in the cold doesn’t directly make them sick, like us humans though, being exposed to the cold for a long period of time can exacerbate any underlying health problems and make them more susceptible to illness. There are a few remedies for this, one of which is an insulated dog house, all of which we will go through below.

Before I get into some of the options for keeping your dog warm, lets look at some of the average nightly minimum temperatures in winter .

New York – Jan  26(F) -3 (C)

Chicago – Jan 13(F)  -10 (C)

Houston – Jan 41.2 (F)  5.1 (C)

Los Angeles – Jan 37.6 (F) 3.1 (C)

Melbourne, Australia – Jul 41 (F) 5 (C)

London, UK – Jan 41 (F) 5 (C)


Umm…wow, that’s cold! Especially if you live in the Northern US States. I can imagine you guys in Chicago freezing your butts off in winter. Ok, so if you were a dog owner and lived in a cold area, how would you keep your dog warm?

The easiest thing would be to keep your dog indoors but if you are reading this I’m guessing that you keep your dog outdoors and need some tips on how to keep it warm. The second easiest thing is to keep your dog house in the garage where it is sheltered from the wind, rain and cold. Put a blanket in the dog house, keep the door semi-closed and you should be fine.

Creating an insulated dog house is pretty easy

Now if you don’t have a garage and you aren’t going to let him sleep indoors – and it is REALLY cold outside – your a tight ass – but even still, creating an insulated dog house is pretty easy. You want to make sure that:

1. Your dog house floor is elevated

2. Your dog house is properly weather-proofed and sealed

3. You don’t sit the dog house on the grass/dirt but rather on a hard surface

4. You place an old blanket for it to sleep on

5. Your can line the inside of the walls with old material like carpet

6. You can put a door flap on the outside

Dog heaters do exist which may be an option but I would be cautious with these as dogs have more trouble handling extreme heat than the cold so you may end up with a HOT dog.

So there you have it, those are my tips on keeping your dog comfortable at night by creating an insulated dog house for it.

If you would like tips on building an insulated dog house then be sure to click on the link below for dog house plans. All plans are for creating an insulated dog house.


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Insulated Dog House

Insulated Dog House

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