Dog Houses For Sale – Don’t Get Ripped Off!


The amount of dog houses for sale these days is just mind boggling, head down to your local pet store to check them out or search them in Google. They come in crates, canvas houses, wooden dog houses, plastic fold-able dog houses and even mini sized houses. With so many to choose from how do you know you are buying the right one? Should you get the good deal and purchase the cheap one or fork out the bug bucks and purchase the top of the range fancy house with all the bells and whistles?

When sorting through all the dog houses for sale, the 2 foremost thoughts my mind would be, how will this effect my dog and how long will it last? To answer the first question, we have to look at a few things.

1. If it is wet, then you want your dog house to be adequately weatherproofed – A water proof roof and walls with well sealed wall and joints to keep the wind and water out is very important. The last thing you want is water getting in, wetting the bedding, giving your dog a cold and soggy sleeping environment.

2. If it is cold, then you want a dog house that is insulated enough to keep your dog warm in the winter months. You want to search for a dog house that is elevated, preferably comes with a door flap and has insulation to keep body warmth in.

3. Conversely if it is hot, you want to be able to keep your dog cool in summer months. Dogs find it harder to regulate body temperature in the heat then they do in the cold, so this is very important if you live in a hot climate. Make sure your dog house is lighter and you can forgo things like door flaps and extra insulation.

4. If your dog chews things, be careful that your dog house isn’t made of toxic substances.

With such a large selection of dog houses for sale you can easily get ripped off by the sales person

With such a large selection of dog houses for sale you can easily get ripped off by the sales person or website pushing their dog houses because that’s what they sell or they get a nice commission on that brand.

The range of dog houses that a pet stores sells varies from the cheap to the extremely expensive. If you can purchase a dog house and keep it inside or in the garage and you are in a mild climate, then you won’t have trouble selecting a cheap dog house. If you are keeping your dog outdoors though with little cover and protection, then the vast range of dog houses for sale won’t cut it. You may have to spend big bucks on the expensive dog houses.

Dog houses for sale on the web are much the same – you have a vast selection and most do serve a purpose, the thing is though you have a large selection on the cheap end and then when it comes to sturdy, insulated dog houses, you are looking at the expensive end.

An alternative to purchasing dog houses for sale is to build one yourself. There are a vast range of dog house plans available on the net, with many sites offering basic dog house plans which you can then customize to suit your needs. Again, a pitfall to look out for are the vague dog house plans with terminology that only a carpenter or handy man would know.

If you are interest in easy dog house plans as an alternative to purchasing dog houses for sale, then click on the link below.

Dog House Plans | Dog Houses For Sale

Dog House Plans

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