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Last week I was sitting at home and got a phone call from my friend Chris asking if I could build his Terrier Butch a dog house. I hadn’t rolled up my sleeves in the last couple of weeks and had an afternoon free to myself so I though what the hell, I’ll build him an awesome dog house! As it happened Chris and Butch seemed thrilled with their dog house so I thought I’d share the plans with you.

Before getting started with any dog house, you need to do some planning. I can tell you from experience that the best dog house plans will have these 4 features as a minimum:

      • An Elevated Floor (To protect the dog house and your dog from ground moisture and rain water)
      • Weather-proofed (To protect the structure and your dog)
      • A roof that opens (For easy access to regularly clean the dog house)
      • Insulated (To keep your dog warm)



      • 3 Sheets of plywood (for walls, flooring and roof)
      • Treated pine (for the floor frame)
      • Cartridge, silicone sealant (for sealing joints)
      • Galvanised Nails
      • Roofing screws
      • Hinges and a bolt


 Dog House Plans – The Steps

Part 1 to my Dog House Plans – Cutting Out The Parts To The Dog House:

I cut the walls into the following dimensions:

      • Side Walls x2 = 25 -7/8” wide by 16” tall
      • Front & Back walls = 16” by 22”
      • Roof Panels x2 = 31-7/8” by 21-7/8”
      • Roofing Walls x 2 = 11” by 22”
      • Floor = 25-7/8” by 20 ¾”


Part 2 to my Dog House Plans – Assembling the Sub-Floor:

The sub-floor is important as it keeps the dog house elevated. It allows for air circulation to dry any build-up of moisture from the ground and water run off when it rains.

The sub-floor to my dog house plans

The sub-floor to my dog house plans

Assemble the frame from treated pine like this. Be sure to drill holes in the side of the framing to allow for air circulation and water run-off. Finish the sub-floor off by nailing the floor piece on to this.


Part 3 to Butch’s Dog House Plans – Assembling the walls:

I simply nailed on the front and back walls on to the flooring first. As in all my other dog house plans that you may have seen before, I always nail the front and back walls first so that the side walls can easily be inserted in between them and fixed into place. To make sure that Butch’s dog house lasts the test of time I also squeezed some glue on to the walls as I was fixing them to the sub-floor.


Part 4 to Butch’s Dog House Plans – Assembling the roof:

Assembling the roof panels onto the roof walls

Assembling the roof panels onto the roof walls

Ok, because this dog house has a roof that opens, the roof is built and then fixed on to the dog house with hinges. It’s a very simple process that begins with cutting the roof walls (both triangles) and temporarily nailing the on to the front and back walls. The roof panels are then nailed on to the roof walls and the process is finished by screwing hinges on to the roof walls.


Part 5 to Butch’s Dog House Plans – Weather-proofing & Insulating:

As a result of Butch’s dog house being undercover we were able to get away without placing another water-proof layer on top of the roof. I gave the exterior (including the underside of the floor) a coat with outdoor paint to protect the structure from the elements and inserted silicone in all the wall and roof joints to protect from wind and any water. Not only does that weatherproof the structure but it also acts as a great insulator by keeping body warmth trapped inside the dog house.

Painting the dog house

Painting the dog house


And there you have it!




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