Build A Dog Kennel – What is the Best Size Dog Kennel?

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If you’re keen on learning how to build a dog kennel, or even if you are thinking of purchasing one, you will want to know this information. In fact, you need to know this information. After all, what is the point of putting in all that effort to build a dog kennel or all that money to purchase one and it your furry friend doesn’t use it because it’s the wrong size?

Now dogs are much like humans, they need to feel secure in their surroundings. If you build a dog kennel and it ends up being too big then depending on the personality of your pet, it may end up feeling insecure in a vast space. Imagine your youngest daughter has just moved out into a 5 bedroom house by herself. Firstly it probably wouldn’t happen because she couldn’t afford it, but even if she could, she would much rather stay in smaller home or an apartment because she would be frightened and worried about her security living in that large house. Just as she would feel insecure in that vast space, so will your dog.

Build a dog kennel too small – your dog won’t want to move in!

On the other hand if the space is too small then your dog simply won’t fit! Any human who has lived in a tiny shoebox will know, living in a small space is uncomfortable. The reality is that your dog will likely to not want to move in there in the first place. When you build your dog kennel you really want to make sure your dog has enough space so that it isn’t cramped. The rule of thumb is that your dog should have just enough space to be able to turn around.

Now the optimal size when you build your dog kennel depends on the size of your dog. Each breed of dog roughly fits in to three categories, small, medium and large. Your little terriers and toy breeds fit in the small category, with labs, Irish setters and spaniels in the medium category and your Great Danes, Afghans, and St Bernard’s in the larger category. You can even fit multiple small dogs in one large kennel if you wanted to. What you really want to avoid is the larger dog in the smaller kennel.

Sizes for each category are roughly follows:

Build a dog kennel - best sizes

Make sure that before you build a dog kennel and before you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, that you have given enough thought to the correct size. Even if you are purchasing one from the store, ensure that you match the size of the dog kennel to the size of your pet.




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  • Interesting Read!

  • If I build one that is too big for a smaller dog, will that have any adverse effects on keeping it warm in the winter? If I do a good job on insulating it, will the extra room harbor cold air?

  • Well you don’t want it too large because some dogs can feel insecure in a large space and not take to the dog house. I’d look at building a the right size and properly insulating that

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