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…Using our Dog house plans and
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If you have been looking for an insulated dog house that is customized, sturdy and safe, then this could be the most important page that you read all year!

You see, I too used to get frustrated with the lack of simple, quality information out there while trying build a house for my dog.

But not anymore!


Dear Friend,

My name is Paul Stevens and I am a former frustrated dog owner that helps people to build dog houses.

I, like you, have spent most of my recent time searching for the motivation to properly house my dog in a sturdy structure that won’t break the bank!

You see, I am the proud owner of a lovely lab named Zoro and I wanted to make sure that he had a safe and insulated dog house.

 So What Did I Do…


My first thought was the local pet store. To my surprise, all they offered me were cheap and flimsy dog houses. Thinking maybe that they had a small range, I decided to go to a larger pet store chain.

To my dismay, when I did find a dog house worth buying, I nearly died from the price! I even jumped on ebay and searched the net for a good deal –  all I found was more of the same cheap and flimsy looking dog houses!


I discovered the cold hard truth about why I simply
couldn’t buy a quality dog house for my dogs.


And here it is…

      • They are either too cheap and low quality – I would’ve needed to replace it in a few years by purchasing another dog house so there were no cost savings there
      • Being flimsy and low quality, they aren’t properly insulated, leaving your dog susceptible to uncomfortable, cold nights
      • They are hard to clean, leaving your dog in a dirty and unhygienic environment
      • Too often they aren’t customized to fit the size of your dog. Your dog should have just enough room to turn around – any smaller and they won’t fit, any larger and they might feel insecure and not even use the dog house
      • And the dog houses that are actually sturdy structures are SO EXPENSIVE!



One way to deal with the need to provide a safe and sturdy house for my dog and to avoid the inflated prices of purchasing a quality one outright was to do the build on my own.

And that’s exactly what I set out to do.

At first I was encouraged by the dozens of website offering “free” designs and instructions. I downloaded a bunch of them, and was really excited at the prospect of building a dog house all on my own.

Until I got started…

…That’s when I discovered a couple of

unfortunate things about online DIY

dog house instructional guides.


First, every site offered the same vague instructions! There was no detail, and every line of instruction written was so damn confusing to read because they assumed I was an expert tool man!

furious craftsman holding a spannerIt was SO DAMN FRUSTRATING!









But worse – as if the vague and confusing instructions weren’t enough, when I came up against a problem during the build, there was no further advice available to see me through to the end. My results weren’t just disappointing, they were downright ridiculous! For example…


My projects using free internet

guides were a disaster!


    • The first time I built a dog house the plans didn’t come with any method to weather-proof it. I soon discovered that this is an important step and being a first-timer, I overlooked it. Water got in and not only did it warp the dog house, my dog had a cold & soggy bed!
    • I couldn’t get my ahead around the roof measurements either. Not having any handyman experience I couldn’t make sense of the complicated instructions. My wife still laughs at me because the thing looked like my kids’ school project than anything an adult would build!
    • And another costly mistake I made was that I didn’t plan from the beginning. I didn’t know what materials to purchase to build a high quality dog house and I can tell you that the costs piled up.


Well, I was pretty disappointed by the third-rate results I got from my free instructional how to guides. And don’t get me started on the DIY magazines. Just finding one that would touch on the topic of building a dog house was a nightmare.

But instead of giving up, I decided that since I couldn’t find the dog house that I wanted, I’d just have to develop one myself.

After all, I really wanted to build a sturdy and customized insulated dog house and had the available resource of my brother (a carpenter), so I figured there was no reason why I couldn’t develop an even better dog house than what I found on the Web!


My Desire To Provide A Sturdy & Insulated Dog House

For My Dog Plus The Help From My Brother Paid Off!



Well, it took me months to research the exact requirements a high quality dog house should have. It took even longer to read through all of the plans I could find – and I threw a lot of them out because they just weren’t practical. I lost track of how many sunny Saturday’s we spent in the yard trying to build a dog house.

But we kept building – throwing out the bad plans, and working on the good ones – until, before I knew it, we had finally built the ultimate dog house!

Finally, I was satisfied that I had created not only the sturdiest, safest and best quality dog house, but a practical, easy to clean and easy to build insulated dog house.

And boy, was it a hit!


What’s more, it’s been 7 years since then

and my dog house is still standing strong!



Introducing … The Easy DIY Dog House System

Build Your Own Dog House In One SINGLE Weekend (without any experience)


I’ve combined the result of 26 weekends into the ultimate set of DOG HOUSE PLANS and filled them with the exact information you need to build your furry friend this ultimate dog house! You will have instant access to all of the steps, tools and materials you will need to build him a home of his own!

When you’re ready to create a dog house, what you need is a resource that isn’t vague. What’s the point of using dog house plans that can’t give you all the information you need to successfully build a safe and sturdy dog house?

What you need is expert tips, built from solid experience, and step by step instructions so you can figure out how to:

    • Simply & easily build a customised dog house within a single weekend
    • Build the right size dog house for your dog (important)
    • Choose the right materials, including the right wood required to build your dog house
    • Choose the cheapest materials so you can appropriately budget and know the cost of your dog house BEFORE you build it
    • Correctly weather-proof your dog house
    • Insulate your dog house to keep your dog warm in winter months and cool in summer


What’s Included…


Since that first dog house I’ve learnt even more.

I’ve develop an better dog house to meet the demands of my customers.  I have focused all of my attention on this one dog house and I am offering you the detailed  dog house plans and a series of step by step videos  to show you how to build it.



Included in the package are:

1. DOG HOUSE PLANS – detailed instructions, measurements, steps and illustrations to show you how to build a sturdy, long-lasting and safe, insulated dog house

2. MATERIALS LISTING – The exact materials and dimensions that you will need to build this very dog house so you know exactly what to buy in one visit to the hardware store

3. VIDEO SERIES – No stone has been left uncovered in this series of videos that will guide you through every step of the way

The great thing about this dog house is that it can easily be customized to:

      • your dog’s size
      • your budget
      • shape of roof
      • materials
      • decorate how you wish
      • personal taste





The Easy DIY Dog House 6 Step Method…


1TOOL SAFETY – We know that some of our customers are inexperienced DIY’ers. Whilst you may want to get straight into the building, the reality is safety should be your number 1 priority. It always has been for us and should be for you. In these videos we show you some simple but important steps to not only ensure you build a high quality dog house but you are also 100% safe at all times.

Safety first

2BUILDING THE FLOORING – Possibly the MOST IMPORTANT part of the dog house that will affect your dog’s health and safety is the flooring. If you get this wrong then moisture from the ground and rain water run-off can wet the flooring leaving your dog’s sleeping environment soggy and cold. Your dog house can literally turn into trash as the water rots the flooring and your dog won’t want to use it. You will be amazed at how simple the solution is!


3THE DOOR HOLE – Whether you want a round door hole, a door hole with a flap or a triangular door hole,  we will show you how to do it!

door hole


4ATTACHING THE WALLS – What can seem like an easy task can quickly turn into a time consuming and frustrating process. It only takes a fraction of an inch to throw out the plans and then working back to fix it can take for ever! This video will show you our 2 step process that will fit all 4 walls perfectly into place so you can have your dog house finished within the weekend!


5BUILDING THE ROOF – If I mentioned that the floor was one of the most important parts of the dog house, then this is the other. You don’t want your dog sleeping in a dirty and unhygienic environment. A thought out and properly planned design will include a roof that can be opened giving you access to easily clean the inside of the dog house.

We will also show you how to build:

A flat roof   OR   A pitched roof


6WEATHER-PROOFING THE DOG HOUSE – To build a high quality and sturdy dog house that will last the test of time, your structure requires that it is properly sealed off from the elements so that it doesn’t succumb to wood warping and a loss of quality from exposure to rain and the sun. This can be the difference in a dog house that lasts 10 years compared to one that barely makes it through the winter. 


Here’s What EVERYONE

Else Has To Say About

The Easy DIY Dog House System

Haven't looked back since...

Hi Paul,

Firstly I wanted to say how helpful your site has been to me. I purchased a dog house 3 years ago but after a few months it started to deteriorate being outside in the wet Alabama weather. Frustrated, I shopped around for a better quality dog house but I couldn't bring my self to spend so much. After coming across your webpage I downloaded the dog house plans and watched the videos and managed to build a dog house that next week.

My dog loves his house and we both haven't looked back since!



Caroline Smith
Madison, AL

Built an Awesome Dog House

I just finished my dog house and wanted to say a big thank you for the plans. They were easy to follow and I was able to build my dog an awesome dog house!

Tim Berry
Melbourne, Australia

Built a Great Little House For Their Dog

My wife and I have had our pup for a while now and we recently felt it was time he make the move outside. I really wanted to have a crack at building him a dog house myself so I started searching over the net. I downloaded some free plans but I struggled to understand them. I’d have to say it was a massive relief coming across your website. The dog house plans were detailed and the extra videos helped me put together a great little dog house for him.

Roger Johnson
Oceanside, CA

Sales Copy video 4 images original_size

There has to be a cheaper solution


If you were to hire a contractor to build you a custom made wooden dog house at $50 per hour (cost for an AVERAGE carpenter), on an 8 hour day, it would cost $400 for his labour PLUS the cost of materials he purchased to get the job done. You are paying between $600 to $1000 for a custom made dog house!

Even if you were to buy a dog house brand new, to purchase a high quality insulated wooden dog house will cost you hundreds of dollars. Just search it on Google to find out!

WHY would you pay HUNDREDS of dollars more than you needed to when it should only cost you a fraction of that price.

That is why the powerful tips, techniques and advice I have carefully laid out in my detailed product “The Easy DIY Dog House System” would be a huge bargain at a price of $67 or even $167 … just a fraction of the costs you would incurred.

But I’m offering to you the A to Z guide of housing your pet, with email support, for your fast track to expertise essential for your success as a creator of the best dog houses for an unbelievable price of just $19.95. That is only $0.66 day for 30 days to build the most impressive dog house!

“You literally have NOTHING to lose

when you try this!”


If you’re still not 100% sure that this system to building the most impressive dog houses is exactly what you need to create for your furry best friend a safe and sturdy home of his own, let me put you completely at ease with my unconditional guarantee…

If you take this first step and claim your copy of The Easy DIY Dog House System” but can’t immediately put the plans into practice, just let me know.

I will INSTANTLY send you an immediate refund…even if it’s a year from today (or even longer!) I’ll even let you keep the $129 worth of bonuses as my thanks for giving my system a try…

It’s that simple

“Get started building your

dog house in the next

five minutes…”


The choice is yours: You either want to build your dog house in less than a single weekend or you don’t. If you don’t, good luck with whatever it is you choose to do.

But if you’re serious about providing your furry friend a safe and sturdy home you can be proud of, then you really only have one choice. Whip out your wallet, and invest the $19.95. You’ve literally got NOTHING to lose.

But remember…

…the longer you wait, the longer you will be constrained by needless worries. As I said, anyone, even a first-timer like I used to be could use these instructions to build a dog house. Completely unnecessary.

So let’s get started.

Remember: If you’re not thrilled with my step-by-step videos or the bonuses, just let me know within the next year, pay nothing, and keep the $129 Super Bonus Package – that’s a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

You’ll gain instant access to my member’s area and can begin your dog house project by watching the step-by-step videos and using the detailed plans, in the next five minutes.

“4 additional Super Bonuses valued at $129

are yours FREE!”

But just to sweeten the pot, I’ve ALSO decided to include FOUR very powerful FREE super bonuses that will give you the knowledge you need to provide the ultimate housing set up for your dog.

SUPER BONUS #1: ($35)

top201Dog KennelD



In developing the my most popular dog house I came across many other dog house plans. I have made available to you, my very best dog house plans. These plans illustrate the vast range of designs available to you to build any dog house in which you desire.

 Customize and tailor your plans to suit you OR just copy these plans!


    • 10+ dog house plans (and growing)
    • Build your favourite dog house plan
    • Use the plans together with the instructions from the step by step video to build your very own customized dog house

SUPER BONUS #2: ($20)


Did you know that you can build some of the best quality dog houses at a fraction of the price of purchasing them brand new? Do you know what materials will provide for the best quality dog house that will protect your dog over a long period of time? In this extremely valuable bonus we will reveal the right materials required to build your dog house.

Discover the best quality materials and the most cost-effective materials available to you so you can build the right dog house suited to your needs within your budget.

What you need is a comprehensive listing so that you can learn:

      • All the materials required to build a dog house
      • Cheapest materials available
      • Best quality materials
      • Best material for the flooring
      • The best materials for the roofing
      • The required materials to weather-proof and finish the dog house

SUPER BONUS #3: ($39)


This new bonus is a must for every dog owner who has ever wanted to keep their dog safe by building a run or an enclosure. Combine your new skills of building a dog house with these detailed, instructive, step by step illustrations that will allow you to build yourself a tailored dog house and run.


Using this powerful bonus we will advise you:

      • The easiest way to build a dog run
      • How to build a cheap dog run
      • The best size dog run to give your dog enough room to run around
      • How to build a dog run using mesh wire fencing
      • How to build a picket fence
      • Why it is easier and cheaper to build a dog run yourself rather than hiring a contractor to build it


SUPER BONUS #4: ($35)


Do not start building a dog house and run UNTIL you have seen this!! Discover the vast range of runs including the different types of fencing and enclosures out there that can easily be built.

These 20 different dog run plans will allow you to choose the right run tailored to your property, using a design you think works best.


This bonus will inform you to:

      • Find the best size dog run for your property and dog
      • Choose the right design
      • Decide on whether to use a chain-link fence, wooden picket fence or mesh wire fence with wooden posts

BUY NOW to gain INSTANT ACCESS to my step by step

videos & FOUR BONUSES, whilst my bonuses ARE STILL FREE.

HURRY, I am only trialing this OFFER and it will only last for a LIMITED TIME!!



    • YES! Give me dog house plans, materials list and step by step videos to build an insulated dog house I can be proud of…




    • YES! Help me save hundreds of dollars with the material sourcing cheat sheet
    • YES! Teach me how to make a dog run
    • YES! Give me access to the Easy DIY Dog Run Master Plans






So if you are ready to learn how to build a dog house in less than a single weekend, click the Buy Now link above and within 5 minutes of completing your registration you will receive log-in instructions to my special website so you can get started immediately…

And if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me! Just click the “Contact Me” button in the menu above. I am here to help you learn how to build a dog house TODAY!

To your dog house building success!



Paul Stevens

The Canine Craftsman




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